UW Healthcare Administration Courses

The curriculum for the online UW Master of Science in Healthcare Administration is designed and taught by the same UW faculty who teach on campus.

In this 37-credit master’s degree program, you’ll acquire key competencies in healthcare administration through thirteen required courses, including a capstone course typically taken during the final semester. There are no electives.

  • eleven healthcare administration courses (3 credits each)
  • capstone prep course (1 credit)
  • capstone project course (3 credits)

Courses are completed entirely online. You can watch lectures, participate in online forums with your classmates, and do homework whenever it’s convenient for you—all course content is accessible online from any device. Learn more about our online learning format.

Take a Look at a UW Healthcare Administration Course: “Population Health and Epidemiology”

Course Descriptions

Course availability for the UW Healthcare Administration program varies each fall, spring, and summer.

If you are a current student, please consult with your campus adviser prior to registration.



You are required to complete all of the following healthcare administration courses (3 credits each), plus the capstone prep (1 credit) and capstone course (3 credits).

Capstone Experience

The program curriculum requires a capstone experience, consisting of a capstone preparation course (1 credit) and a capstone project course (3 credits).